There's only so much you can do with boxy unisex scrubs 😕
  1. Cool earrings
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    My latest favorite are earring jackets.
  2. Mascara
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    Especially if you're in the OR and wearing a surgical mask. Your eyes are everything! My favorite brand is Fiberwig because I never get raccoon eyes (key when you're on call overnight).
  3. Nail polish
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    As long as it's not chipped, it's ok. We double glove anyway!
  4. Fun socks
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    I didn't start loving socks as gifts until I started residency. Favorite socks: gap patterned socks, happy bunny (so sassy), David & Goliath.
  5. Cute clogs
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    The first thing people notice. My favorite clogs: oil slick pattern and galaxy star pattern
  6. Cute hoodie or zip up
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    Lululemon zip ups are pretty popular.
  7. Patterned cloth scrub hat
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    I have: cupcakes, hearts, flowers, paisley, polka dots. My non-feminine fun ones are: Cal Berkeley and robots!
  8. Necklace
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    When I was chief on night float, I'd put my junior resident photos in my locket. Team love! Also, you can wear your wedding ring on a necklace during surgery since you can't wear anything on your hands except surgical gloves when you're scrubbed.