In no particular order
  1. Bear hugs
    Even better if one person gets lifted off the ground!
  2. Romantic hugs
    When I wrap my arms around his neck, lay my head on his chest, and listen to his heart beat.
  3. Awkward pat on the back hugs
    For that person you're trying to Friendzone.
  4. Polite social hugs
    Generally performed by placing both hands on the other person's shoulders to maintain distance.
  5. Good friend hugs
    This is a full on I-Love-You hug and I don't care if our boobs squish!
  6. Relief hugs
    Thank goodness you're okay! 😪 These are the tight hugs for loved ones and pets who were almost seriously injured or lost. Often combined with a deep sniff of their hair or fur.
  7. Victory hugs
    We won!!! 🎉🏆 Jump around!
  8. Side hugs
    Sorry, I'm carrying something in my other hand or stirring something on the stove, but I really want to show you I'm happy to see you!
  9. Congratulations hug
    Graduation, birth of a baby, successful performance, etc. I give a lot of these on Labor and Delivery!
  10. Sympathy hugs
    I'm sorry...
  11. Precious hugs
    When you hold a baby and realize you'll do almost anything to keep this little one safe.
  12. Teammate hugs
    We're in this together and I've got your back!
  13. The SNL end of show hugs
    I love this part of every episode ❤️ I want to do this at the end of every call shift with my co-attending, residents, nurses, scrub tech, med students, and front desk staff.
  14. List App hugs
    The sincere virtual hugs you send to fellow List Appers because they wrote something touching, heartbreaking, joyful, sweet, etc. @DG @p Sending these hugs to you 💗 Hi, friends!