List App is a safe space, right?
  1. am not comfortable with seeing my own blood.
    From a cut, in a blood collection tube, any situation that is unnatural. Eek! Suddenly the sides of my neck and my wrists feel super sensitive. 😰
  2. forget I can take meds.
    Headache, nasal congestion, allergies, cramps, etc. Why do I allow myself to suffer?? Is it because medicine has trained me to "tough it out?"
  3. haven't had my annual GYN exam in over a year.
    Partly because I know someone in 3 of the major medical systems here and partly because I just can't find the time.
  4. would seriously consider an elective primary C-section
    I know, I know! But I am well aware of the risks and benefits. Dr. Lahiri feels me on this, right @mindy ?
  5. love Mickey D's fries.
    Forever and always! Pry them from my cold, dead hands.
  6. rarely do 30-45 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week like I recommend to my patients.
    I worked out the most in med school. (So many cute guys--The Real Gym Motivation.) But now it's like, "Ugh, do I eat dinner, pay bills, prep for clinic/surgery tomorrow or should I go to the gym and be annoyed by all the fit girls in sports bras and Lululemon pants for an hour?" I'll settle for leg lifts and sit ups in front of the TV 😕
  7. still wear colorful nail polish.
    As long as the polish isn't chipped, it's all good. Plus, my patients really like it!
  8. am not great at finances.
    Stereotypical, but this is definitely true for me. I can study medicine all day, but I cannot wrap my head around investments and rates and 😴