1. Changed lanes during traffic
    Only to find the new lane has come to a stand still and the cars in the old lane are now zipping by me. Why do I never learn??
  2. Turned off my alarm instead of hitting snooze
    Ack! Late for work!!
  3. Wore a white swimsuit to the Wynn pool only to realize it did not have good lining
    Had to yell for my friend at the lounge chairs to bring a towel so I wouldn't be indecent when I got out the pool. 🙈
  4. Took my umbrella out of my work bag the night before a huge storm
    The employee parking garage is a long walk from the clinic. My white coat was so drenched it was practically see through by the time I got to my car.
  5. Wore heels to work on a day that I had to go cross campus
    There was a time I could round on patients in the hospital and power through GYN Oncology clinic in heels and a pencil skirt. Those days have long gone. Dansko clogs have ruined me!
  6. Introduced myself to a patient I've seen before
    In my defense, I saw her once over a year ago! 🙊
  7. Going to bed 15 minutes after I painted my nails
    It doesn't matter if I've used the quick dry top coat. There will be a fabric imprint on 6/10 nails in the morning. There will be no time to repaint or use nail polish remover before work and I'll be stuck all day with crap nails.
  8. Sigh...
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