Watching Jeopardy on TV at 10pm is my new favorite bedtime ritual.
  1. Alex Trebek's voice
    So steady. So trustworthy.
  2. The bright blue background with white lettering
    In college, many of my professors made powerpoints with blue backgrounds and white or yellow lettering. Someone told me the color blue helps you remember information. To this day, I still wear blue to all my exams like a superstitious dork.
  3. The Daily Double sound
    Like happy lasers!
  4. The silent red light timer
    Why don't I find this stressful? It's red. It shrinks from both ends fairly quickly. I should be shrieking, "My God, what is the answer??" But it's all very chill in then end like, "Cool, let's just move on."
  5. The sound you hear when time's run out
    Wouldn't it be great if only you could hear this when a social situation has started to take an awkward turn? ( ) "Well, you tried. Commence graceful exit strategy now."
  6. The handwritten contestant names
    I love seeing other people's handwriting. So interesting!
  7. The large yellow dollar amounts on a bright blue background
    I request that all online bank accounts display my balances in this manner, please.
  8. The song played during Final Jeopardy
    The song is actually called "Think!" I would have scored higher on my Biostats exam if this music was playing.
  9. Only one thing could make this better: Alex Trebek's mustache
    Please come back! You've been missed.