I've notice the kids on MasterChef Junior have better sportsmanship than adults. This makes the show loads more enjoyable in my opinion. If this is fabricated by the producers, I don't care! It still makes for heartwarming TV and I'd like to see more of it.
  1. American Ninja Warrior
    You know you'd cheer on those little kids scrambling up The Wall!
  2. Project Runway
    I want to see their take on private school uniforms.
  3. Shark Tank
    This would be a gold mine for toy manufacturers. Also, try to say no to these adorable faces!
  4. Project Greenlight
    Kids have such a unique perspective.
  5. Last Comic Standing
    The challenge is to make a joke more sophisticated than a knock knock joke without sounding too mature.
  6. Dancing With The Stars (with kid stars!)
    Like you wouldn't want to see Miles Brown, who plays Jack on Black-ish, on the dance floor.
  7. Trading Spaces
    I eagerly await the kid equivalent of painting someone's fireplace brown.
  8. Four Birthday Parties
    A spin off of Four Weddings! Will they give lower scores to parties with "bad clowns", "sad gift bags" or "not yummy food"?