Sob! It's his last week on The Daily Show and I don't know what I'll do with myself after tomorrow night. He's a part of my routine! Anyway, everyone knows why he was so good on the show. These are the little things he did that I loved.
  1. He always had a pen and paper on his desk.
    This is old school and classy. Sometimes he'd spin the paper around or pretend to write something down.
  2. The way he used "Can I tell you something?" during interviews to lead into a joke
    Every time he'd say it, my ears would perk up because I knew something funny or clever was coming.
  3. His real eyes-closed-lean-over-the-desk belly laughs were contagious!
    I would literally laugh out loud by myself and love it!
  4. He went salt and pepper gray really well.
  5. The way he'd lean in to talk into the guest's ear as they were going to commercial like there was still such a good conversation to be had
    I want to know what you're saying!!