List inspiration: being on 24hr call. Gone are the days of carrying reference pocketbooks crammed with information in tiny font! My white coat pockets are much lighter now :)
  1. Epocrates
    Medication reference app. You can check for medication interaction, identify pills based on color/shape/markings (ie the loose pill you find in a drawer), and can look up pregnancy/lactation safety. There may be better ones out there, but I've used it for so long and find it very useful.
  2. MedCalc
    All sorts of formulas and calculators in one handy place! I use the pregnancy wheel and BMI calculator the most.
  3. Amion
    "Am I On" call tonight? I can look up my schedule and who I can call for consults. Even comes with an MD profile and pager/messaging capability. So convenient!
  4. CDC Contraception
    A great resource that covers the effectiveness of different contraceptive methods. Especially helpful to double check which type of contraception should be avoided in patients with certain medical problems.
  5. ASCCP
    Cervical cancer screening and cervical dysplasia management guidelines from American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology. The only app I have ever paid for and totally worth it! The guidelines have so many algorithms and it's nice just to double check my plan. I simply enter in the age, pap and high risk HPV results, colposcopy and biopsy results and it shows me the follow up recommendations. Patients also like seeing how I got to my recommendation.
  6. ePSS
    Screening and Prevention recommendations from the USPSTF Preventive Services Database. Has updated guidelines for pap testing, breast cancer screening, vitamin supplementation, etc. I think everyone should get this app to know what tests they may be due for and how they can prevent certain health problems.
  7. ACOG (American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology)
    The most common question in residency from an attending or senior resident is: "What does ACOG say?" This app has news and opinion pieces I like to read to stay up to date.