I love smart, cost-effective designs that grew from good intentions + desire to help the world. List inspiration: Stephen Colbert's interview of Emily Pilloton, Project H Design. Suggestions, please!
  1. Adaptive Eyeglasses
    A low cost solution for people in developing countries with lack of access to optometrists. The liquid filled lenses can be adjusted by just a turn of the dials. Amazing! [Joshua Silver]
  2. Hippo Roller
    The Hippo Roller is an amazingly simple and efficient way to transport water that was designed for women and children in Africa, who have to carry heavy containers of water (typically on their heads) for several miles. It is a hollow barrel on its side with a metal handle attached to each end (like an old school lawn mower) that can filled with water and rolled along the ground. [original design by Pettie Petzer and Johan Jonker]
  3. sOccket
    A soccer ball that stores the kinetic energy generated from kicking the ball around to be used later to power a lamp or other device in underdeveloped countries. [Jessica Matthews and Julia Silverman]
  4. Theranos
    Technology that allows for 30 lab tests to be done on a single drop of blood. [Elizabeth Holmes]