Requested by @sally
Thanks @sally for the fun list request! ⭐️ (Some of these are from a prior list that had disappeared. Yay for a chance to update it!)
  1. "How can I be pregnant??"
    Using withdrawal method. That's how 😕
  2. "What's your opinion on what Suzanne Somers says about menopause treatment?"
    Um...does the ThighMaster treat menopause? 😐I can barely stay up to date with medical research articles and guideline revisions. So, my answer is: I have no opinion. But ask me about Angelina Jolie's decision to get an ovarian cancer risk reducing procedure anytime!
  3. "Can I wait until after the Chris Brown concert to induce labor?"
    Girl, people got SHOT at the last event he was at in San Jose!! I strongly advise you to not go. 😕
  4. "Am I going to have vaginal pain after delivery?"
    Probably. Sorry. 😐
  5. "Did I lose a tampon in there?"
    Almost every time, the answer is a reassuring "no." The worst is when the patient DOESN'T realize there's been a tampon in there for who knows how long. You basically have to shut down the exam room because the smell is so bad. Gag 😷
  6. "I lost my prescription for Norco again and my pain is soooo bad! Can you write me a new one??"
    Yeah, the pharmacy says the "lost" Rx has already been filled. So, no. 😑
  7. "Can my husband just check my cervix?"
    From a patient on the phone who didn't feel like coming into Labor and Delivery despite regular contractions. And you know what? He did! 😮