My "em" (little sister in Vietnamese) passed away one year ago. I feel so blessed to have had her in my life. I hope everyone has a chance to experience unconditional love like this!
  1. I met her on Lexington Avenue in New York City.
    I was in New York for med school interviews. My mom and I were walking back from Bloomingdale's and saw all these cute white puppies in the window. She dragged me in and the rest is history!
  2. She always wanted to be near me.
    She left her hotel bed, climbed onto the nightstand, and tried to jump the gap onto my bed.
  3. She was always happy to see me 💗
  4. She liked to help me study.
    Quick, Lexi--what's the staging for vulvar cancer?
  5. She would paw at my leg when I was sitting at the computer until I'd pick her up.
    I'd give her doggie shoulder massages.
  6. She loved people food!
  7. She let me cut her hair with scissors even if it made her look ridiculous
    I like to think she felt a pixie/puppy cut was freeing! She always seemed perkier and more energetic after I'd sneak a trim in while my Mom was out of town.
  8. She was my mom's favorite.
    Literally. My mom has said she loves Lexi more than me.
  9. She snored a lot.
  10. She was pensive.
  11. She loved going for walks with her brother, Lucky.
    But she always had to be in front because she's a boss!
  12. She liked to get into the waste basket and tear up all the paper.
    We all need a vice, right?
  13. She looked really good in pink.
  14. She got really sick one night and was diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure.
    It was one week before I was going to close on my new condo, where I had picked out the perfect spot by the window for her doggie bed and toys. I was so excited for her to be able to people watch. She was 12 years and 8 months old.
  15. She told me when she was ready to go.
    She was placed in an oxygen chamber and put on a drip. I had seen enough death at work to know when things were futile and I wanted her to be comfortable at the end. My mom was still clinging to the hope that she would get well enough to go home. I was torn between doing what I (and the vet) thought was best for Lexi and not forcing my mom to do something she would have to live with for the rest of her life.
  16. Then she told my mom she loved her and it was okay.
    Lexi's eyes had this moment of clarity right before the end. I truly think she was trying to tell us she was ready and we should let her go. My mom finally relented and they gave her one last injection.
  17. I miss her everyday.