Inspired by @tothemaxxx Such a great list idea!
  1. Weeks on the List App: 34
  2. Person who invited me: @em
  3. Total lists written: 147
  4. Lists I've favorited: 1,428
  5. Lists I've re-listed: 89
  6. Lists I've saved: 19
  7. Number of drafts, currently: 20
  8. Longest time between lists: 2 weeks
  9. My most liked list: BEST LUCILLE BLUTH BURNS
  10. My most under appreciated list: BEST RED LIPSTICKS
    (Written 33 weeks ago) Thank you @kdando for recently liking BEST EVERYTHING BUT THE NEWS EPISODES FROM PBS to elevate it from a tie.
  11. List Appers I've met in person: @EricElkins @donnie @abbyzeecee @charlie @helwolf @ariannastern List Appers I've connected with via email/text: @sally @mianguyen (hope to meet you soon!!)
  12. Person I invited who wrote the most lists: @ohsteph
  13. My List App Crush: too many! 💓