I've been revisiting some of my old lists thanks to likes from new Listers (yay, welcome!) The OB/GYN related ones seem the most popular, so I decided to compile them into one master list. Wow, I didn't realize I had so many!
  1. Favorite Quotes From Tired OB/GYN Residents
  2. Things I Did Today
  3. Cesarean Section Procedure Steps
  4. OB/GYN Questions I Get Asked At Social Gatherings
  5. Most Ridiculous Things My Patients Have Asked Me
  6. Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Considering Freezing Your Eggs
  7. My First Period ➕
    MY FIRST PERIOD (One of my favorite lists! I loved reading other people's stories. Thank you to all the ladies who contributed! 💗)
  8. The Batshit Craziest Things I've Seen While Practicing Medicine
  9. Patients I Bring Home From Work
  10. Birth Control Pill Names, Ranked
  11. Contraceptive Names That Could Make Good Baby Names
  12. Things Women Have Yelled During A Vaginal Delivery
  13. Unforgettable Names Of Babies I've Delivered
  14. The Best Things Patients Said Tonight
  15. Female Pains
  16. Why I Decided To Be An OB/GYN And Why I Love What I Do
  17. What Made Me Love My Job Today
  18. OB/GYN Wins
  19. People To Consult Before Getting Birth Control (According to Amy Schumer)
  20. Birth Control Access Will Soon Be Easier in Oregon and California 🎉
  21. Emergency Contraception, Ranked
  22. Other Reasons To Use Birth Control Pills
  23. Scary Sounding Things Said On Labor And Delivery That Aren't Actually Scary
  24. More Quotes From Tired OB/GYN Residents
  25. Things OB/GYNs Totally Do For Each Other
  26. Things That Mean Something Else In OB/GYN
  27. Hello, PMS Week
  28. What's In My Coat Pockets
  29. Things I Said In Clinic Today
  30. Times I've Had To Get Real With Patients