I recently took a good look at my labeled iPhone alarms...
  1. 6:00 AM - L&D
    When I have to be at the hospital by 7:15 for my Labor and Delivery shift
  2. 6:30 AM - L&D (Snooze)
    That extra 30 minutes means I have to skip washing my hair and go for dry shampoo and a bun instead. Slap on some concealer and mascara. Drink coffee in the elevator ride down.
  3. 6:45 AM - Seriously, get in the car!
    Just in case I double snoozed
  4. 7:00 AM - Round on your post-op patient
    Luckily, my resident has already pre-rounded, so I just need to make sure everything's good and enjoy chit chatting with my patient.
  5. 7:30 AM - Clinic day
    My clinic days start at 8:30. I'll be honest, I always hit snooze.
  6. 7:40 AM - Clinic day (Snooze)
    I motivate myself to get out of bed by turning on last night's Daily Show (and previously Colbert Report) on Hulu. The applause helps!
  7. 12:00 PM - SB AMWA
    South Bay American Medical Women's Association board meeting on the first Monday of every month
  8. 1:00 PM - Call Citibank
    I can't remember what this was about.
  9. 2:00 PM - Post-call wake up
    I'm very generous to myself post-call, but sleeping any later will totally mess me up for the rest of the week.
  10. 3:00 PM - On call tonight
    I get my pre-call day off (love my job!) and try to squeeze in a short nap or cook something for the residents before my 16 hour shift starts at 4:30pm.
  11. 4:00 PM - On call tonight...Get in the car!!
    It takes me 10 minutes just to gather everything I need for an overnight call at the hospital: toothbrush, make up, eye drops, Tums, dinner, phone charger, paperwork to finish, etc
  12. 6:00 PM - Thursday P&T dinner meeting
    Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee meeting
  13. 7:30 PM - Call mom
    She gets worried if I don't check in when I'm on call
  14. 2:50 AM - Attending split call night #1
    If it's a slow night, one of the two attendings on call can lie down from midnight to 3am. And by "lie down" I mean stare at the ceiling and pop up immediately when there's a garbled overhead announcement on L&D
  15. 5:50 AM - Attending split call night #2
    As above from 3-6, but I'm even more tired and hate life.