The state of my fridge is very embarrassing. I like to cook, but I can't finish everything. I plan to save money and eat healthy, but there's always a birthday or a dinner meeting or like 50 weddings. Now, I'm on my way to a last minute dinner + drinks with a friend. See??
  1. Half a dozen carry out boxes of left overs that I never got around to eating.
    I shouldn't even bother taking a doggie bag, but I just hate wasting food!
  2. A bag of arugula that I swore I would eat, but never did.
    I feel guilty every time I look at it.
  3. 3 bottles from Pressed Juicery I bought to "detox" that I never got around to drinking
    And now I'm afraid they're too old to drink. Ugh. 💰↘️🚽
  4. Champagne!
    I love carbonated drinks! So refreshing. ⭐️
  5. A Brita
    Boring, but necessary
  6. A package of sliced Havarti cheese
    This I will finish before it goes bad.
  7. Mini sweet peppers
    A new obsession
  8. A tub of Irish butter, a block of German butter, and a stick of American butter
    I can never remember if I have butter at home when I'm at the grocery store and I hate being stuck with a dry English muffin. Need melty butter for the nooks and crannies!!
  9. Free range brown eggs
    I looooove eggs! I'll eat them any way, but raw.