You really shouldn't wear hospital scrubs out the hospital, but we all do it. (I always change into clean ones before leaving, though!) I'm just too lazy to choose an outfit early in the AM and I'm too weak to resist the allure of daytime PJs. Plus, comfy clogs only look acceptable with scrubs. Here's my list, starting with the worst...
  1. Drank at the bar
    Somehow my residency class would end up at Old Pro, where our class mentor would order a beerzooka or champagne. (I love my class! 💗🍻🌟) It was probably more unsettling for people to see my night float team at breakfast drinking mimosas in scrubs, though. Are we coming FROM work or going TO work?... At least I remembered to hide my badge.
  2. Made out with someone
    It's bound to happen when you're dating in a med school where there are lots of attractive guys. But it was always off hospital grounds because I'm a professional, dammit!
  3. Went grocery shopping
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    Trader Joe's and Safeway. Behold my shopping cart at 7:30 AM post night float ➡️ Good decisions happen after you've been up all night and haven't seen the sun for 5 days straight.
  4. Went to the mall
    Trying on clothes is much easier when you're wearing draw-string pants!
  5. Went to Ikea and Target
    Helped a friend pick out furniture for his new place. Scrubs are good to wear when you're lifting dusty, heavy things.
  6. Gardening
    My mom's front yard needed weeding and I did not feel bad sacrificing a pair of scrubs.
  7. Washed the car
    If these scrubs can take blood and amniotic fluid, they can take a little soap and water.
  8. Signed my mortgage loan documents
    If my bazillion pay stubs, copies of my contract, W2s, and bank statements weren't enough, here is some proof I work at the hospital (and did not care enough to dress professionally for this.)