Too many!!
  1. iPhone code
  2. Home laptop PW
  3. Work Desktop log in ID and PW
  4. Epic Electronic Medical Record ID and PW
  5. Work email PW
  6. Personal email PW
  7. Physician CA license number
    Required for state prenatal testing forms
  8. DEA number
    To write narcotic Rx
  9. NPI (National Provider Identifier) number
  10. Pharmacy phone number
  11. Labor and Delivery phone number
  12. Clinic phone number
  13. Last 4 digits of my SSN
  14. Bank ATM PIN
  15. Hospital physician number
    To order labs and pathology
  16. Hospital Employee ID number and PW
    To do painful online streaming tutorials for the hospital
  17. ABOG (American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology) ID number and PW
  18. My pager number
    So people can reach me for work related issues
  19. Old home phone number for Safeway Club Card
  20. Gym locker combo
    Same as my iPhone code though
  21. Wifi PW
    For visitors
  22. Spare key Lock box combo
    After I locked myself out