Basically, calling someone's body part "incompetent" or "a failure" hurt a lot of feelings.
  1. Erectile Dysfunction
    formerly "Impotence"
  2. Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
    formerly "Premature Ovarian Failure" (or early menopause)
  3. Cervical Insufficiency
    formerly "Cervical Incompetence"
  4. Advanced Maternal Age
    Formerly "elderly or geriatric" pregnant woman (I'm very okay with this change!)
  5. Cardiac Impairment
    Instead of "Heart Failure"
  6. Bonus: Customer
    Instead of "patient"-- Not quite a PC change, but an interesting one. My attending, who did a lot of international work, would use this sometimes. Partly because he found it amusing and partly to highlight how the patient has evolved into more of a consumer in the dynamics of modern medicine.