When you're coming up on hour 25 of a 24 hour shift and there are no call rooms available, you have no shame.
  1. The hospital gurney in the hallway
    The rough white sheets on a plastic covered foam block look so inviting. What's the likelihood someone will pass by and think I'm a crazy or comatose patient?
  2. The trunk of my car post-call (so no one can see me in the parking lot)
    with the back seat folded down and a window cracked open because obviously I don't want to die
  3. The locker room bench
    I'll just try not to think of how many butts have sat on here...
  4. The storage room
    Crap! The lady who cleans the operating room is already taking her break in there.
  5. The computer desk
    I'll just close my eyes for 45 seconds...