I miss recess! It's been a long week and I could really use some innocent fun.
  1. Swings
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    Pure joy!
  2. Monkey Bars/Jungle Gym/Trapeze Rings/Horizontal Ladder
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    Swinging around on these metal bars was so fun! Is it a wonder that half of the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course is like a grown up version of these?
  3. Merry Go Round
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    Ready, set, run, run, run, jump on!!
  4. Slide
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  5. Tetherball
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    When you challenge a classmate because you just want to beat the little jerk.
  6. Seesaw
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    When you and your bestie want to do something just the two of you. Then you realize it's kind of boring.
  7. Spring horse riders
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    Fun, but ultimately kind of lonely.