I won't pretend to know the solutions, but I can't help but ask why. Somebody help me understand!
  1. Why are we so behind in math and science?
    Also, can we convert to the metric system, already? It's called the International System of Units, people. Get on board! 'Merica can handle 'Meters.
  2. Why are our college students in so much debt?
    Yeah, let's burden the most hopeful and energetic citizens with crippling debt. That's going to turn out well.
  3. Why are our teachers paid so little when they are shaping the minds of our future?
    I will never understand this. People who play sports for the entertainment of others get paid ridiculously more than those who teach and guide your children, the future members of society. How does that make sense? If we valued and paid teachers respectably, it could be like Dead Poets Society level inspiration all over the place!
  4. Why is teaching sex ed and evolution still so controversial in some parts of the country?
  5. Why are our high school students committing suicide?
    If you live in the Bay Area, you know what I'm talking about. It's just heart breaking. Nothing is worth pushing your kids so hard that they throw themselves in front of a train. Nothing.
  6. When are you going to get the emotional and financial support you deserve?
    And by "you" I mean students and teachers 💗