List inspiration: a very interesting convo with my female and male residents tonight. I think women should do whatever they want to do with their name! 📇 But here are my reasons...
  1. I've accomplished a lot under this name
    Degrees, journal publications, research studies, lists on List App, whatever! My name deserves to keep going with me to the next milestone. Unless I hyphenate or make my last name my new middle name, the link to these accomplishments is tenuous or absent all together. A friend was even concerned that a name change would affect her professionally, since the new name would not be obviously associated with her research work.
  2. I'm too lazy to go through all the paperwork
    My physician friends who married after they got their medical degrees have told me it's a pain in the ass. And as much as you want to stay Dr. X professionally and be Mrs. Y socially, it doesn't really work that way legally. 😕
  3. In Vietnamese culture, women keep their maiden name
    I grew up with my mom having a different last name than me and my dad and I never once thought it made us less of a family. In fact, I thought it was great she kept her name!