"S-Bar" was created to improve team communication. I love it! When you come to me for help, I need a succinct presentation about the situation. No long intro or non-pertinent commentary. Just the facts, ma'am/sir! If I could get a good SBAR from all nurses/residents I would be SO happy! Alas, I now expect this from EvErYoNe (Ahem, Mom📞🙄)
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    Situation: What's the scenario?
    Patient name and location. What are you concerned about? How can I help you?
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    Background: What's the pertinent info?
    You'd be surprised at the kind of presentations I get. "She's bleeding..." <insert hair pulling emoji> I want to know: age, if she's pregnant, did she just have surgery, what symptoms did she present with, what are the complicating medical conditions?
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    Assessment: What's the status?
    What have you done to assess the situation and what are your findings? Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, physical exam, labs, etc. I am that old, crotchety attending that exclaims "vital signs are vital!!" (So you need to tell me what they are, argh!) What's been done already and did it work? What do you think it could be? IS IT AN EMERGENCY??
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    Recommendation: What steps are necessary to resolve the situation?
    What do you need and how can I help you? How worried are you that things will go south? (And Mom, are you just calling me to listen to you vent or do you want advice? 😬)