Ranked by someone who doesn't play team sports and has only worn a tennis uniform in high school. List inspiration: sitting at a sports bar last weekend watching various games on the TVs.
  1. Baseball
    They're like day time pajamas! ❤️
  2. Basketball
    Especially now that everything is long and baggy
  3. Soccer
    They're like summer day time pajamas!
  4. Rugby
    At least they're smart enough to wear biker shorts underneath their uniform shorts so they don't flash people. But I feel they should have more protective gear?
  5. Tennis
    Shorts and a T-shirt are always comfortable. A pleated skirt is also comfortable as long as you're wearing short shorts underneath and know you're not showing your underwear!
  6. Golf
    I mean, this is essentially what my dad wears to brunch. Must be pretty comfortable.
  7. Lacrosse
    It's like this weird mix of soccer and football.
  8. Volleyball (Including beach volleyball)
    If I had the body for it, I'd be totally comfortable in spandex, too!
  9. Swimming
    As above
  10. Football
    Too much padding and gear! Obviously necessary, but it does not seem comfortable.
  11. Hockey