I have a lot of good (and wild) memories from college. Yet I often think fondly of the times I spent walking to/from campus. So much to see. So much to think about. So many mixed CDs to listen to on my 30 minute walk from the dorms to Biology class. It's crazy I still remember what it felt like to be walking down these streets after all this time.
  1. Bancroft
    The best walk along the south side of campus from Piedmont down to Telegraph. I-house, Caffe Strada, Pacific Film Archive Theater, the outdoor pool at the Hearst Memorial Gym, Avante Card, Cafe Milano...
  2. Telegraph
    Where the street punky kids had cute dogs and the friendly homeless guy would God Bless me every time I walked by.
  3. Piedmont
    Fraternity Row. My apartment sophomore and junior year was nestled between two frat houses. I got so used to the sounds of basketball being played outside while studying for organic chemistry that I'd turn on sports games for background TV noise in med school while I was cramming for exams.
  4. Channing
    The only one I knew before Tatum.
  5. Durant
    The ghetto food court, King Pin Donuts, Top Dog, La Burrita, and La Val's pizza! And a Tower Records!!
  6. Hillegass
    I moved to this street my senior year. Had to walk by People's Park to get to campus.
  7. Euclid
    Across from the North Gate of campus. I used to meet my math T.A. here to "go over my work" here until I realized he had ulterior motives.
  8. College
    Lived here for summer school.
  9. Warring
    Where my freshmen dorms were located.
  10. Shattuck
    Blockbuster and Barnes & Noble!
  11. Oxford/Fulton
    I'd have to pass this street on the west side of campus to get to the BART train station.
  12. Dana
    I'd take this street home after a show at Zellerbach Hall.