Good things have been happening for my patients this month 💗
  1. "I quit smoking!"
    It was a long road full of relapses, but she did it 🎉
  2. "I got engaged!"
    He proposed during one of their usual date nights at the Stanford Theatre that plays old movies 💍
  3. "I'm a grandma now!"
    I need her anti-aging secrets 💁🏽
  4. "My periods are so much better since getting the Mirena IUD!"
    Hurray for not being tormented by your uterus every month 🔴🙅🏼
  5. "I'm going to college!"
    The first person in her family to go 📓📝🏛
  6. "I joined an 80s band!"
    Vinyl Replay 🎸 Just tell me when and where and I'll be there! The 80s are my jam.