Because I love them both 💗💖💕
  1. Rom-Com
    Obvs. It would be relatable and funny and so far from that Nicholas Sparks BS.
  2. Psychological Thriller
    Primal Fear-esque. I bet they could come up with some deep, twisted, crazy plot.
  3. Quirky
    Wes Anderson-esque. I would watch their stop-motion movie any day of the week.
  4. British period piece
    Emma-esque, but more real. What would these ladies *really* be thinking?
  5. Buddy Cop
    Maybe just my dream that they star in a buddy cop movie together? They would kill it.
  6. Coming of age
    Juno-esque. Right??
  7. Something that makes you bawl your eyes out
    Steel Magnolias-esque. I'm pretty sure they could do it.