Requested by @em
I have tall ceilings, but thin walls
  1. Kids laughing
    Always a sweet sound
  2. Barking yappy dog
    Usually greeting his owners when they come home from work
  3. My neighbor being accused of a gay affair by his girlfriend
    I thought it was just a run of the mill you-got-caught cheating argument that woke me up at 2am, but no--it was so much more! Because then she said to him "Stop f-ing saying you love me! I can suck a d--- and turn around and tell you I love you, too. It doesn't mean ANYTHING!!!"😳
  4. Drunk girls coming back from the bar
    ...who do not know the volume of their own voices
  5. Gun shots and swearing
    This was when I was living next to an Asian guy on the second floor. I was alarmed until I realized it was just his video game on surround sound. I'm so glad I moved.