I'm usually terrible at packing just what I need--especially when the weather is unpredictable. This results in a heavy suitcase with lots of crap I'll never wear and several trips to the local shopping center to get what I need. This time, I did pretty well! ☺️ An achievement, for sure.
  1. Uniqlo puffy jacket
    So easy to roll up and pack, even in my shoulder bag! It's super light weight, warm, and surprisingly water resistant.
  2. Kate Spade Sedgewick rain booties
    The perfect combination of comfortable + stylish + easy to pull on/take off + easy to pack. The matte rubber and slim design makes it passable for going out to the bar or a show.
  3. Topshop perforated backpack
    Very convenient with 3 zippered pockets, water proof, and stylish!
  4. Nike Air Max
    For my 3 hour "leisurely" walk through Hyde Park and Kensington Park.
  5. Compact umbrella
    The weather in London was bipolar. In one day, it alternated between 10-15 minutes of rain and sun ~ 8 times. My friend decided not to bring the hotel umbrella because it was bright enough to wear sunglasses and she regretted it later. I brought this Dabney Lee Dottie umbrella that fortuitously came in the April Popsugar Must Have subscription box.
  6. Claritin
    My allergies would have been so much worse if I didn't pop one of these every morning before leaving the hotel! The wind whipping through the trees dislodged all sorts of pollen and bits of leaves. I wore sunglasses even when it was overcast just to keep crap from getting in my eyes.
  7. Portable phone charger
    This slim one I got from J. Crew is light and does the job when I'm out and about all day.