My standard OB/GYN clinic schedule
  1. "Let's get you pregnant!"
    Preconception counseling for a healthy 28 year old
  2. "Let's talk birth control."
    A 17 year old high school student with a new boyfriend
  3. "Yay! You're pregnant!"
    I removed an endometrial polyp from the uterine cavity of a 35 year old patient a few months ago. She's so happy!
  4. "That's normal."
    A 48 year old with hot flashes and skipped periods: likely perimenopause. Let's talk about how to manage the symptoms.
  5. "That's not normal."
    A 66 year old with vaginal bleeding after menopause: time for a pelvic ultrasound and possible endometrial biopsy.
  6. "You need surgery."
    A 32 year old with a painful ovarian mass
  7. "You don't need surgery just yet."
    A 36 year old with heavy periods: I convinced her to try a Mirena IUD first.
  8. "Good news--I removed all of the pre-cancerous tissue!"
    Reviewing cervical cone biopsy results with a 27 year old
  9. "Look it up and then tell me your plan."
    To the med student who saw a patient with me: with all the information at his fingertips, he had no excuse for presenting a patient without first reading about the work up and treatment. I take training our future doctors seriously! Props to him because he came back in 5 minutes with a good plan.
  10. "How's your mood been?"
    A pregnant 34 year old with Bipolar Disorder
  11. "Unfortunately, they're called birth control pills, but we also use them to treat heavy or painful periods."
    A 16 year old and her mom
  12. "How's Sophia doing?"
    A 26 year old who recently delivered an adorable baby girl
  13. "Who is 'she'??"
    The medical assistant came into my office to tell me "she" doesn't want a pelvic exam. I had two patients waiting to be seen and I had no idea which one she was talking about. They're ALL female in this clinic!!
  14. "OK to double book me."
    To the discharge nurse making a follow up appointment for a patient who needs close follow up