Requested by @ohsteph
Let's be real, now...
  1. Sleep
    I never get enough
  2. Walk around the apartment without pants
    One of the best reasons to not have roommates!
  3. Binge watch TV
    With a pillow under a big throw blanket ☺️
  4. Day drink on the weekend (just a little bit)
    Even better by the pool!
  5. Online window shop
    (i.e. put a bunch of things in my shopping cart, but never actually purchase)
  6. Open my window and people watch
    I live above a street with lots of shops and restaurants. It makes me feel like I've been outside without actually having to get dressed, put on make up, and physically go outside. Often done post-call.
  7. Snuggle my doggie Lucky
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    How can you not??
  8. Laundry
    I find it therapeutic
  9. Paint my nails
    Also very therapeutic! I used to take an hour out my study schedule in med school each week (usually during The Daily Show) to decompress and pamper myself.
  10. Eat chips
    Suggested by @em