I like to switch up my bags, but forget to empty them out. Sometimes I get a pleasant surprise . . .
  1. Money in a random pocket when my wallet was out of cash
    Most recently in a red lucky envelope from Lunar New Year. Thanks grandma!
  2. A bag of Southwest Airline peanuts.
    A lifesaver when I was ravenous during a meeting I could not leave.
  3. A single stick of gum.
    Excellent! I just finished my coffee.
  4. Lip balm
    I routinely forget to bring my lipstick when I leave the house. The forgotten lip balm at the bottom of the purse I haven't used in 3 months saved me from chapped lips!
  5. An old ticket stub to NKOTBSB in Tacoma, Washington.
    I went with my cousin, Di. We sang along to old New Kids songs on the drive there. She cried when Joey sang Please Don't Go Girl. We got McDonald's French fries on the drive back to Seattle. One of the best nights ever!