I 💗 Dora! She's whip-smart and takes initiative. Never leave meeeeee!
  1. "Vamanos!"
    When I go down a work email rabbit hole and lose track of time between patients.
  2. "Cheesus and Crackers"
    (Always under her breath.) This is when I know she's getting annoyed by a lazy co-worker or a late patient.
  3. "I did the pregnancy test. It's negative."
    YES!! THANK YOU for knowing I'd want the test and taking the initiative to do it so we don't waste time 🌟
  4. "Ugh, she's so lazy!"
    The "lazy nurse" is not her favorite. (I kind of get it--shhhh!)
  5. "See you tomorrow, doctora!"
    Gracias, Dora!