Picture a tiny, fobby Asian mom cheering and clapping excitedly in front of the TV 😆 (Said all in Vietnamese, except the first two)
  1. "Let's Go Blue!!"
    Citrus Bowl: Michigan vs. Florida (She went to Michigan) 💙💛
  2. "FIRST DOWN!!"
    Multiple times today, startling my dogs 😝
  3. "This is getting boring. I want it to be more exciting!!"
    Citrus Bowl: 4th quarter (Michigan is killing it) Can you ever please an Asian Mom??
  4. "That number 5! He's going to get MVP."
    Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Iowa (She's talking about Christian McCaffrey)
  5. "This ESPN app is so good!!"
    It's like the best thing she's ever seen 😂
  6. "Oooo! That was Beautiful One!!"
    Rose Bowl: Stanford touchdown now 35-0
  7. "Stanford is making meat of them!"
    Direct translation lol
  8. "Sunny side up."
    She said distractedly when I asked her how she wanted her eggs. 🍳
  9. "Oh, Michigan State lost."
    Cotton Bowl: Michigan State vs. Alabama (She went there for one year before transferring to Michigan.)
  10. "Do you have any more wine?"
    🍷 Yes, yes I do.