1. Quickie ultrasound
    Cramping in early pregnancy? Worried about ovarian reserve? Convinced you've got an ovarian cyst? I got you. Come into my office/empty exam room/resident call room...
  2. Birth control refills
    We are the last people who should be getting pregnant on accident! I've literally swapped prescriptions with a co-resident like we were swapping business cards.
  3. Deliver each other's babies!
    It's the cutest 😊
  4. Squeeze you in for a Pap test
    I had no free time as an intern. All personal health maintenance fell by the wayside until one of our cool, new attendings said she'd squeeze me in any time I could find a 30 minute break. Yippee!
  5. Omega Beta Gamma 4-Eva!
    (which is co-ed, BTW 🌟)