I have minimal will power.
  1. The steak house downstairs
    My building's hallway is flooded with the delicious smell of sizzling steak and burgers at lunch and dinner time. SCREW YOU LB STEAK! 🔪
  2. Nurse potlucks on Labor & Delivery
    It's always someone's birthday, going away party, engagement party, baby shower, national holiday or a random waffle breakfast. WHY??? No, I do not want my sad salad anymore. Gimme cake, please!
  3. @em 's Momofuku Corn Cookies
    She comes over to make them in my kitchen and leaves me with 15 large cookies. SABOTAGE!!
  4. Co-workers eating crispy bacon at morning meetings
    Umm...I'll be *right* back. Just gonna go, uh, get some coffee from the hospital cafeteria...🏃🏻🏃🏻 and eat all the bacon!
  5. The Food Network
    My mom is right. Watching this channel just makes me want to eat!
  6. Being on call at the hospital
    I've been on call 3 weekends in a row. (Brutal!) My cravings for comfort food are uncontrollable when I'm stressed. All I want to do is eat the ever present sour cream and onion potato chips and Magnum ice cream bars in the physician lounge.