1. Teslas. Teslas everywhere!
    I spotted my first one (a gray roadster) back in residency while driving my 11 year old Honda Accord 😍 So rare and special. Now they're cruising by me on 101 and 280 every 15 minutes.
  2. Engineer, App developer, engineer.
    The people you meet
  3. The housing costs are ABSURD.
    I mean, come on. This is getting ridiculous. You are paying how much to live next to the Caltrain tracks??
  4. Everyday is Casual Friday.
    Jeans and a sweatshirt (or scrubs in my case) is acceptable for many professions here. This is why Nordstrom teaches their sales people to not judge customers based on what they're wearing.
  5. Everyone you know has a business idea.
    If my mom tells me about another college kid who developed something that got bought for millions, I will gather up all my med school loan bills and cry in the shower.
  6. You know where to find good Ramen.
  7. The K - 12 competition is fierce.
    Back in my day (the 90's), after school tutoring was for kids who were falling behind. Now it's to get ahead. The parents around here are stressed out just trying to keep up with their overachieving neighbors.
  8. The weather is usually sunny!
    Yay, sun! Boo, drought.
  9. We're all just waiting for The Big One.
    I remember the Quake of '89 that caused the collapse of the Bay Bridge and to this day I won't sleep with anything hanging above my bed. That being said, if it's a 3.5 or less on the Richter scale, I shrug and continue going about my business.