Everyone, meet Lizzie!
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    They have so much energy!
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    I can watch a puppy play for hours💗
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    They're good for your health.
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    What's better than unconditional love after a hard day at work? Watch my blood pressure and stress levels decrease. And it only gets better with time and bonding.
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    The biting/nipping/teething is not malicious but it freaking hurts. Ow!
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    My poor toes and ankles
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    They love cuddling!
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    Gimme hugs and kisses 💖
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    You feel bad leaving them at home.
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    They're just as happy with an inexpensive chew toy.
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    This plastic spoon is literally her favorite chew toy over all the plush and squeaky toys I've bought her.
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    They get into and onto everything.
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    Excuse me, I'm trying to read here.
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    When they run and pounce they look like uncoordinated bunnies.
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