1. Being carded
    I will cry when the cashier at Safeway stops carding me when I buy wine 😨
  2. When people cancel plans
    I should be annoyed, but now I can put on sweatpants (or better yet--NO pants) and catch up on TV!
  3. Dad jokes
    These used to elicit an eye roll when I was 8, but now I love them! The punnier the better.
  4. Doing laundry
    It used to be a chore and now it's a way to decompress. Plus I love ironing! I still pile hot, fresh-out-of-the-dryer bed sheets on me like my mom used to do when I was a kid. Like a very warm hug!
  5. When patients mistake me for their nurse
    I used to feel like, "Women can be doctors, too!" But now I appreciate that they don't think I look dead tired/old/miserable.
  6. Having no one to eat lunch with
    It used to feel lonely and sad. Now it's a nice way to collect my thoughts and people watch.
  7. Going to the plant nursery
    I used to be bored out of my mind when my parents would drag me to look at plants for the house in elementary school. This was before smartphones and iPads, etc. If I was lucky, I remembered to bring my Speak & Spell or a copy of Sweet Valley Twins. Now that I have my own place, I finally understand.