Last night's OB/GYN call shift was RiDiCuLoUs! It was non-stop from 4:30pm to 9am this morning. I had to force my residents to eat for fear they would faint. Here's the final tally...
  1. 8 vaginal deliveries
    4 boys and 4 girls. Best name of the night: Sebastian!
  2. 2 C-sections
    One of them was for twins. The other was for arrest of dilation secondary to be baby being 9lbs 13oz!!
  3. 8 Emergency Room Consults
    Ugh! Staaahp.
  4. 2 uterine evacuations of miscarriages
  5. 12 OB triages
    Is the triage "bus" running all night?
  6. 2 admissions for induction of labor
    For being 1 week over their due dates
  7. 3 post-operative checks
    With one patient demanding Xanax and Norco
  8. 1 "curbside" consult from General Surgery
    Where they just call with a question and don't need you to actually see the patient. Thank you!!!
  9. 😪🍳😴