So many options!!
  1. This is my library card catalog, Arthur.
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    I spent a lot of my childhood at the local libraries and thought it would be cool to get an old card catalog for my new place. Except they are super expensive! I was about to give up, but checked Craig's List one last time and found a post for one being given away for FREE!! I called the seller who said someone else was interested and whoever got there first could have it. I ran over in my little coupe, took it apart, and brought it home. Mine!! Definitely my favorite piece in my home 😊
  2. Wine bottles
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  3. Meds
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  4. Sunglasses
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  5. Tea light candles
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  6. Scotch Whisky
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  7. Bottle openers
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  8. Candy!
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  9. Greeting cards
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  10. My mom's glasses, magnifying glass, and pens
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  11. Check books and cash
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  12. Placemats
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  13. Coasters
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  14. Spare change, tape, and extra phone chargers
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  15. Batteries
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  16. Coupons
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  17. Lip balm, lip stick, nail file, lotion, tiger balm (ie things you're too lazy to go upstairs to get)
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