I was appalled to learn from @em that she can't have pepper spray at NYU. These frightening experiences are why I had two pepper sprays in college. If anyone wonders why women don't respond to cat calls on the street or sometimes have resting bitch face while walking--this is why.
  1. Near my high school
    I was walking 2 blocks to Nob Hill grocery store one summer in high school. I wore a normal tank top and shorts. A car pulled up mid block and a middle aged guy asked if I can give him directions. I was about to keep walking, but I saw a baby car seat in the back seat. Should be safe to be a Good Samaritan, right? Nope. He had his penis out and when I finally noticed and backed away, he asked me if it turned me on. I cried all the way to the pay phone and called my friend to pick me up.
  2. On the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
    I was heading back to Berkeley after a weekend at home. Had my earphones on and was zoning out, watching the scenery. Looked over to see this unkempt, greasy haired guy playing with himself across the aisle. I got up and moved towards the front near 4 women and 2 men. He followed me and sat across from me again. I shouted, "Leave me alone!" No one came to my rescue. 😟 I got off at the next stop and told the conductor. She pointed out he had followed me off the train and told me to get back in.
  3. At a movie theater
    My friend Cindy and I went to watch Shanghai Noon. A middle aged man was sitting two empty seats away. I had a fleeting thought that it was curious he was there alone. 15 minutes into the movie, I noticed he moved a seat closer to Cindy. I looked down and saw he was masturbating. He grinned at me and then bolted. I was mad at myself for being too stunned and scared to stand up and call him out for it before he could escape.