With varying levels of stupidity
  1. Did we just make 4 lefts?
    Those damn round abouts throw me off!
  2. What do the white zig zags lines on the road mean?
    Our taxi driver says it is illegal to stop on these because they are near a pedestrian crossing area.
  3. So, if it's called a "mews" because falconry birds that were shedding or "mewing" were kept at the King's Mews, why are the Royal Mews a horse stable?
    According to the lady working there, the King's Mews was converted into a stable and from then on the term became associated with stables. Or something like that. Look! Horses 😁
  4. No one honks their car horn here in London. Is there a noise ordinance or something?
    According to our taxi driver, there is not. Drivers are just more polite. It definitely makes for a more peaceful walk through the city!
  5. Can you take us to the Balmoral hotel?
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    We had just gotten off the train at The Waverly station in Edinburgh and went to the first taxi driver parked out front. To his credit, he didn't laugh too hard in our faces when he said, "You mean the Balmoral, just right there behind you?" He did, however, run and tell his friend in the taxi behind us what we asked him.
  6. Which fish and chips shop is the best here?
    This is a very important question! We drove about 3 hours to Oban from Edinburgh and I wanted some amazing fish and chips before going to the Oban Distillery. Our waitress last night told us it's "the wee take away down the street."
  7. What is the difference between "Scotch whisky" and just "whiskey"?
    The lady pouring us the tasting blinked at me about 5 times in palpable silence before she answered me in measured tones. I haven't felt that stupid for asking a question since med school. Yikes! I mean, I did preface it with "this may be a dumb question" 😔