1. Running a marathon
  2. So many marathons
  3. Adorable childhood pic
    Is this a new thing? I mean, it totally makes my ovaries perk up, but I'm also suspicious re: why there are so many. Who started this trend? Is there a tips page for guys that says, "Listen, ladies will love an awkward photo of you when you were a kid with your front tooth missing. TRUST."
  4. Snowboarding
    Will he scoff at me in my skis french frying and pizza slicing down the hill?
  5. Golfing
    I guess your backswing form looks good?
  6. Pics with nieces and nephews
    with the obligatory "this is my niece/nephew" explanation
  7. Travel pics
    Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, a beach in Thailand, etc...it's cool--I have one too ^_^
  8. Linkdin type headshots
    better than the mirror selfie
  9. At a party with friends
    Cool, he's sociable! Not cool if he's groping scantily clad ladies, though.
  10. Pics with his dog
    😍 Guys--this works. 🏆
  11. Surfing
    Well, I *am* in California...
  12. Mountain climbing
    I think we aren't going to want to do the same things this weekend.
  13. Motorcycle
    (Ahem, organ donor cycle)