"Vintage" Trapper Keepers

Target is already advertising Back-To-School shopping and it's got me all nostalgic. I remember sitting on my bed with my new backpack, fresh notebooks, assorted pens and mechanical pencils, and class schedule spread out on the pink comforter. 💕 Trapper Keepers were my favorite! So cool. So organized. I still want these!
  1. 1.
    Paint splatters on a hot pink background and cool computer graphic bubbles
    Who would carry this: Artsy, cool, approachable, a genuinely nice person
  2. 2.
    White zig zags on a red background and cool computer graphic dripping water
    Who would carry this: Smart, sarcastic, always ready with a witty remark, but also secretly sensitive
  3. 3.
    Pink neon light heart on a moody blue background
    Who would carry this: Club kid who would happily give you candy bracelets and do a glow stick dance for you
  4. 4.
    Black and white tiger or zebra pattern (I can't decide) with red zig zag signature
    Who would carry this: Me!! I had this one! Maybe that's why my handwriting has started looking like illegible squiggles. It was destined!
  5. 5.
    Light pink and mint green zig zag pieces with cool computer graphic water droplets
    Who would carry this: Attractive, popular, Kelly Kapowski-esque
  6. 6.
    Whimsical floating balloon hearts in a Sound of Music like mountain landscape
    Who would carry this: Dreamer theater kid
  7. 7.
    Red sports car, lightening, navy blue background
    Who would carry this: Into sports and the latest gadgets or fads
  8. 8.
    Classic design in red
    Who would carry this: Studious, well prepared, focused, more likely to be in the library during lunch than socializing on the lawn
  9. 9.
    Rainbow with multicolored hearts ending in a cloud
    Who would carry this: @ladyprofessor ❤️💛💚💙💜💞