Don't get me wrong--being a doctor is rewarding and at times very awesome! That doesn't mean there aren't down sides . . .
  1. I can get impatient.
    Give me the one liner, PLEASE! I don't have time for the long meandering intro. What's going on and what do you need? Not surprising that my only thought when skimming long winded online profiles is: TL;DR.
  2. I eat too fast.
    Residency gave me many bad habits. I can polish off an Uncrustables PB&J sandwich while taking the stairs from Ground to 2nd floor. (Did I even chew?) This habit leaves me politely staring at my lunch/dinner companions for a good 20 minutes while they finish their meals.
  3. I can make snap judgements.
    Doctors are taught to recognize patterns. Whether it's a visual assessment of a fetal heart tracing or a tissue biopsy, I can decide if it's serious, okay, or not at all concerning. It's hard to shut this off after work.
  4. I can't tolerate stupidity or laziness.
    You want the best people on board (the smart and proactive ones) when things suddenly go south in the hospital. I don't mind training people who want to learn, but I cannot stand the above. Sorry! 😬
  5. I like things that are evidence based.
    My attraction to an ex plummeted when he started a health blog based on things that he read on the Internet. (At least take a Nutrition class at the University!) I'm trained to critically read scientific articles to see how sound they are. I can't turn that off 😕
  6. I can talk about bowel movements while eating.
    I guess this isn't so bad?
  7. I'm chronically sleep deprived
    and will never be able to make it up. Oh, well 😴