I've had some amazing teachers throughout the years
  1. Figure out what kind of learner you are
    Some people learn better with visuals or case scenarios. The best teachers can switch up their approach to make sure you understand.
  2. Give you encouragement
    Feeling good about yourself gives you the confidence to succeed. I still remember my mentor in med school telling me, in a very matter of fact way, "You can do this."
  3. Challenge you
    My favorite attendings pushed me just out my comfort zone once I started mastering a procedure.
  4. Give you constructive criticism
    It's important to tell people what they did wrong. But without a suggestion for improvement, it's just a negative experience. I personally like to give (and receive) the "compliment sandwich."
  5. Give you a second chance
    People have bad days. It's nice to be able to redeem yourself and not have that one wrong answer or misstep define you for the next few years.
  6. Don't let things slide
    It's easy to not put more effort into teaching someone who is struggling. Less confrontation and less work. It can be the next teacher's problem. The best teachers are willing to spend the time to help you improve.
  7. Pass along pearls of wisdom from their teachers
    I love tips and advice based on personal experiences! Sometimes the best pearls cannot be learned from a book.
  8. Make learning fun or meaningful
    One of my favorite attendings in residency did a lot of global health care work and had amazing stories about patient cases and experiences. These stories helped me remember not only the medical information, but why it's important.