I think finding the right bra is harder than getting fitted for a diaphragm. And I'm a Gynecologist.
  1. I don't actually know what size I am.
    I gained a little weight (it happens 😏) and my old 36B bras felt too tight so I figured 38B should work. Except I can't find any in the store. No worries, because I'm wrong anyway! My "bra specialist" says I'm a 35C, which also doesn't exist. 😐
  2. I should be wearing my bras low in the back.
    Apparently, bras feel uncomfortably tight when the back rides up since people's torsos get wider as they approach the shoulders (no kidding). So, I'm to loosen the straps and pull the bra down low in the back. How annoying. 😕
  3. "It should feel tight, but not, like, *painfully* tight."
    So says my bra specialist as she checks the straps for any give on the 34C bra she had me try on. 😑 Well...it's not *hurting* me, but I also don't want to wear a vice around my ribs for 8 hours out of the day. And why did she round down? Ack! It's so unpleasant.
  4. This bra does not feel as comfortable as the sports bra I wore walking into the store.
    And nothing is as comfortable as no bra! ☺ I'll just hold my breasts when I run down the stairs.