I had a great part time job at Nordstrom junior year of college. Everyone should work in customer service at least once.
  1. Use good judgement in all situations.
    It's #1 in their employee handbook. And it's also a good rule to live by in general.
  2. The middle initial "D" on overhead page means the employee needs to call his/her department.
    Before I started working there I just thought middle names beginning with D was really popular.
  3. How to fold a wall of Lucky Brand jeans so that the "Lucky You" shows
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    It's the most relaxing task in the world. And yes, I worked there when there were button fly jeans. We also used that carbon copy credit card slider thingy. I feel so old...
  4. Don't judge a customer by their clothes.
    The woman leading the orientation was very emphatic about this. A guy can come in wearing wrinkled khakis, blah fleece jacket, and white sneakers and have more money than you could ever imagine. It's Silicon Valley, after all. But also another good rule to live by.
  5. Nordstrom has the best return policy.
    They will accept returns even a year later. They told me they accepted a sweater return that clearly had another department's store tag. Please the customer! A happy customer will stick around to shop.
  6. Never button the third button on a suit jacket!!
    I just don't get why a third button exists then.
  7. Working in the men's dept >> women's dept.
    Some guys come in once a year, ask for a recommendation for slacks, and then buy a pair in each color. Cha-Ching! Women will try on a crap ton of clothes only to not buy anything. I'm guilty of this, so I always rehang the clothes and bring them out of the dressing room.