I love my Hulu and it's only getting better! They made smart moves snapping up The Mindy Project and offering Showtime add-ons. Since I've been having trouble sleeping lately, there has been ample opportunity to binge watch shows on line.
  1. Barely Famous
    Can you be so pretty and still be funny? Yes. I've recommended this show to all my girl friends.
  2. Candidly Nicole
    She was always so much better than Paris Hilton. And now I love her even more now!
  3. Difficult People
    I identify with the opening scene where Billy and Julia are rushing to meet at a production of Annie. Why do people always ask me for directions when I'm in a hurry?
  4. Gangsta
    I don't usually watch anime unless it was on adult swim, like Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. This anime really pulls you in. You have to watch it!
  5. The Jim Gaffigan Show
    I love him because he's the kind of person I'd want to have as my Lazy Afternoon buddy.
  6. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
    Finally! They offer the full episodes! I 💙 Blooregard.
  7. Comedy Central Presents
    Stand-up comedians: I love it when you make me laugh ❤️